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For our centre it has been intense years of work, research, study, sadness, but also of enormous satisfaction. 

Sadness, because the pandemic forced us to adapt group activities to remote sessions.

Satisfaction, because despite the distance, we were more and more united .

Here, in brief, is our story.

Our research centre was established in 2016, at the behest of the International Philological Society, in two locations, the main one (our headquarter) in Lugano and the second in London, in the culturally vibrant district of Islington. Since the early years, the Lugano headquarter has housed our library which, over time, thanks to donations and legacies, has grown to twenty thousand volumes.
The London branch, during the first years, welcomed scholars interested in carrying out research mainly at the British Library and, later on, in attending auctions of medieval manuscripts.

In 2019, the RECEPTIO International Foundation was established under Swiss private law, to fund the centre's research and has enabled important scientific projects to be carried out.
Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the Foundation into liquidation in 2021, but the research centre, mainly thanks to the quality of its projects, and to the tireless, tenacious and relentless work of its Director, Prof. Carla Rossi, has grown over the past six years and continues growing. Today, the centre is mainly sponsored by the International Philological Society.

In November 2020, our centre was forced to find a new home, due to the change of ownership of the Art Nouveau villa in the heart of Lugano that housed it. ( On that occasion we had the solidarity of the mayor of Lugano, Marco Borradori

In December 22, after reporting a trafficking of medieval manuscripts to the TCP Carabinieri Protection Command in Italy, we were the victim of a vicious defamation campaign via the web, which shut us down for a month. After a legal investigation that established that all the accusations against us were unfounded and the result of the ravings of a sick mind (to which haters gave credence), in February 2023 the centre resumed its cultural activities.

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