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ALLEGED RECEPTIOGATE (Updated February 2023 and November 2023)


Since this page was last updated in February, Mr. Kidd has demonstrated a sick obsession with Receptio and Prof. Rossi, committing criminal offenses. Our colleague has received death threats, been forced to change her phone number and residence. Even the Zurich lawyer assisting her has received "anonymous" threats against her children. The lawyers who contacted Mr. Kidd have been insulted by him, making it evident to everyone that we are dealing with a disturbed mind.

Mr Kidd even contacted Professor Martin Aurell, insulting Carla Rossi, and incredibly, the day after being contacted, our colleague in Poitiers received an “anonymous” threat, after a cultural association had been founded in Paris for protecting the medieval European manuscript heritage, which has been the object of dismembering for profit ( Kidd's hypotheses about the manuscripts he presents on his blog (where he demonstrates a lack of knowledge in Latin, art history, history of illumination, or even basic philology) have alternated with a series of insults directed at Rossi, Receptio, and when some members of Receptio formed an association to defend medieval manuscripts, Kidd attempted to defame them as well. It has been decided to report Kidd and those who have committed serious criminal offenses both in the UK, Italy, and at the European level. Investigations by the Italian Tribunale di Roma are underway starting from November 2023. That Ross's reconstructive method of dismembered manuscripts is original and bothersome to a project like is evident (read Prof. Rossi’s article “Biblioclastia for profit and the fetishistic cult of fragments” published in Studi Romanzi XVIII, 2022 (, that for the reconstruction of the De Roucy manuscript our colleague did not draw on useless material from Kidd’s blog is equally evident (read the same article, in which our colleague explains the reconstruction step by step), that Peter Kidd has no credibility within the academic community outside of Twitter and Mastodon is known. This gentleman worked for only 5 years as a manuscript cataloguer in public libraries in the UK, after which he went into business for himself and colluded with the lobby denounced by our colleague (this too is evident from Rossi’s reports and articles). Anyone who gives credibility to such a person is acting in bad faith, or has had fun following his social media smear campaign.




2. Proof that the alleged "RECEPTIOGATE" is a malicious invention of Peter Kidd 


4. The fabrication of bogus evidence of further alleged plagiarism



The events our centre is reporting on below are closely connected with the complaint lodged by Prof. Carla Rossi on October 2022 with the Carabinieri TPC (Antiques Protection Command) regarding infringements of two articles of Italian law on Cultural Heritage (Art. 20 co. 1 Codice dei Beni Culturali et Art. 30 co. 3) about a series of Italian manuscripts dismembered for profit by unscrupulous dealers. A second complaint was filed shortly afterwards with the foreign section of the same TPC concerning French and German manuscripts. On 20 December, Prof. Rossi published an article in AboutArtOnline, taking the liberty of referring to her complaint:

(See also :



Two days after the publication of the article referring to the complaint to the Carabinieri, at Christmas 2022, Peter Kidd, a British blogger, who deals with medieval and Renaissance manuscripts (and as a freelancer, works as a consultant to auction houses, art dealers and collectors), contacted RECEPTIO's generic address and the private address of a Receptio fellow. In his email, Mr. Kidd refers to Rossi's article on the dismemberment of manuscripts and simultaneously accuses Prof. Rossi (who is author of entries for the Treccani encyclopaedia, translator from German for major Italian publishers, and a renowned scholar, a Romance philologist active in codicology and philology since 1998, with original research highly regarded by the entire scientific community - from here you can download a PDF with some of the reviews that have come out about Carla Rossi's books) of plagiarising one of his posts. In what does the accusation consist? Carla Rossi, in her own edition of a dismembered manuscript, a complex and highly original 258-page essay of digital philological reconstruction and historical-artistic analysis of the artefact (, allegedly 'plagiarised' a total of five lines from a 2019 post by Kidd, in which the blogger presented the position of three saints in a miniature (


It's Christmas 2022, and after several emails in which Kidd pesters the secretary of our research centre, wanting an apology at all costs, the response he receives is blunt: stop disturbing!


Peter Kidd, perhaps wounded in pride, perhaps moved by more venial motives, turns up the heat on the secretary, claiming that even the image of a miniature recovered by Carla Rossi, through a method of researching the sales of each individual leaves (which also involves requesting material from auction houses and antiquarian galleries) was "stolen" from his blog. Despite the evidence of an e-mail with the miniature received from the German gallery Hartung&Hartung, the blogger does not accept the fact that no apology, as he demanded, is forthcoming from all of us (the secretary, the centre and Carla Rossi) for not mentioning him. For the sake of truth it must be said that, in an article published in August 2022 on the same reconstruction, Carla Rossi, who became aware of Kidd's blog, mentioned him.


Kidd raises his sights even higher and, within a week, tries to discredit and defame the scholar's 30 years of work via the web. Kidd is determined to destroy and humiliate his victim.


Kidd claims that the entire RECEPTIO centre is a fake institution, that it is corrupt, because it would have received 'illicit' funding, and he picks Carla Rossi's pocket (or thinks he does), even publishing the photo of her daughters and claiming that the two girls would have benefited from funds for the publication of that book (the reconstruction of the De Roucy codex) which he deems unworthy, like all the scholar's works. The vileness that Kidd and his associates arrive at is only partially documented at (other material, such as two obituaries written by unknown persons, relating to the alleged death of Carla Rossi, are in the hands of the lawyers). Since Peter Kidd had already visited our research centre's website and the pages on digital reconstructions of dismembered manuscripts back in August 2022, and had become aware of our centre's constant denunciations of the market of dismembered manuscripts for profit, one has to wonder whether the violence of the attacks is not premeditated and planned in every detail. The TPC (and other law enforcement agencies to which the centre has since approached) will ascertain this!



In summary, the so-called "ReceptioGate" can be described as accusing Prof. Rossi of the non-existence of the "Research Center for European Philological Tradition" (hereinafter "RECEPTIO"), a lie that would be supported by the following disputed allegations (enumeration by way of example):

  • The photos on RECEPTIO's homepage are stock photos or "fake";

  • The institute and its staff do not exist and the profiles are fake;

  • Antoni Rossell, a board member of RECEPTIO, died a year ago;

  • The secretary does not exist and her picture on RECEPTIO's homepage is a stock photo;

  • On 26 December 2022, Andrea Murchio was still on RECEPTIO's website, although passed away (on 23 December 2022);

  • The lawyer Paolo Bernasconi is a "drug lawyer" and does not exist ;

  • 640'000 CHF would have been paid to Receptio from the SNSF

The PDF with Annexes can be downloaded from this link (for acknowledgement, but may in no way be published in as images, containing sensitive private data) by accredited journalists, who personally contact our research centre by e-mail and provide:

- a copy of their press card,

- indication of the journal they are collaborating with

- and an abstract of the article they intend to publish


1. Foundation of RECEPTIO and publishing house


Contrary to claims made in social and other media, our Research centre does exist (it seems crazy to have to write this on the webpage of the centre that has been organising events and publications for years, yet some people need to be shown the reality). RECEPTIO was founded in 2016 by various professors in the form of an "associazione", i.e. an association under Swiss law with the name "Società Filologica Internazionale", with its headquarters in Lugano (hereinafter "RECEPTIO").


  • Statutes of RECEPTIO of 12 July 2016                                                                                                    Annex number 1



After RECEPTIO was founded as an association in 2016, it was decided in 2017 to publish an academic Journal and to establish a publishing house. 

The members of RECEPTIO from various countries have chosen to set up a publishing house in the UK, so they decided to do this online to avoid having to publish the journal through the association.


On 6 September 2017, TCLA ACADEMIC STUDIES LTD (hereinafter "TCLA Ltd.") was founded, with the first issue of the journal of "Theory and Criticism of Literature and Arts" (hereinafter "TCLA") being published in February 2017. On 29 January 2018, in order to avoid confusion with UCLA, the university from which one of the journal's founders hails, the name of the publishing house was changed to "THECLA ACADEMIC PRESS LTD" (hereinafter "THECLA Ltd"). On 11 February 2020, THECLA Ltd. turned digital and it was dissolved, and, in order to have a publishing house easily associated with the research centre, on 23 July 2020, RECEPTIO ACADEMIC PRESS LTD (hereinafter "RECEPTIO Ltd.") was founded, which continues to exist today.

The first composition of the TCLA journal's scientific committee can be found at this archived website link

Renowned scholars from various universities around the world have participated in each issue, and certainly not, as Peter kidd claims, members of our colleague's family, or her namesakes.


  • Certificates of incorporation    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Annexes 2-6


2. Establishment of the Foundation


After the RECEPTIO association was founded, the members wanted to have a physical place, a centre from which to plan and carry out the various activities. In this context, our colleague turned to lawyer Paolo Bernasconi, who recommended her to set up a foundation instead of an association. Based on this, the foundation with the name "Fondazione Internazionale RECEPTIO" (hereinafter referred to as the "Foundation") was established in the summer of 2019, as you can also see from the letter of 11 June 2019 from lawyer Paolo Bernasconi to Credit Suisse SA.


  • Letter from Paolo Bernasconi, Attorney, to Credit Suisse dated 11 June 2019.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Annex number 7


This would also refute the claim that Attorney Paolo Bernasconi was invented by Carla Rossi. As a former public prosecutor in Ticino and former lecturer at the University, we assume that no one can question his existence anyway. In the enclosure you will also find a draft of the statutes of the foundation, from which it is clear that the foundation capital of CHF 50,000 was personally contributed by Carla Rossi, who invested much more money in Receptio, without recovering anything, since she was never paid by the research centre, just as NO member of the centre is.

  • Draft Statutes of the Foundation

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Annex number 8


After the foundation was established, a villa in Lugano was rented on 2 July 2019, whereupon the foundation began its activities. It is worth mentioning that after the villa was sold to a new owner, the latter tried to terminate the lease prematurely, although the Foundation had always paid the rent, despite the closure of the centre due to the Corona pandemic. Even the mayor of Lugano, Marco Borradori, tried to help for the continuation of the lease.


  • Rental agreement dated 2 July 2019

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Annex number 9

  • E-mail correspondence with Marco Borradori  (Mayor of Lugano)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Annex number 10


In the annex you will find a list of some of the activities that have been organised by RECEPTIO to date. the same activities can be deduced from this webpage, but we gladly point to this link for a summary of the main activities.

It should be emphasised that due to the mass sending of threatening and malicious emails to committee members and students by anonymous persons and Peter Kidd himself, the planning of further activities is proving to be difficult, at the moment.

RECEPTIO has also offered courses and seminars, among other things, and various students have withdrawn from this offer or are demanding their money back for courses already attended due to Peter Kidd's smear campaign, which has also caused financial damage.


As can be seen from the Commercial Register, the Foundation was dissolved and deleted from the Commercial Register of the Canton Ticino in March 2022.


  • Extract from the Commercial Register.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Annex number 12


The dissolution of the Foundation was due to a lack of financial means - caused by the Corona pandemic - as can be seen from the decision of 22 December 2021 of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations and from the e-mail of 13 October 2021 from RA Romeo Juri, employee of the Federal Supervisory Authority for Foundations.

Entscheid vom 22. Dezember 2021 der Eidgenössischen Stiftungsaufsicht

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Annexes number 13-14



3. The Association


Due to the events caused by the pandemic, it was decided to continue RECEPTIO in its original form as an association.


After the dissolution of the rental contract, RECEPTIO concluded a new rental contract for the property "casa La Rosa" for an indefinite period, which can be terminated for the first time on 31 December 2023. The rents are paid by the association, which also has an account with UBS. You can assume that UBS has verified the existence of RECEPTIO.


  •      Rental contract "Casa la Rosa”

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Annex number 15


Moreover, both Swiss television and radio, and some newspapers devoted reports and articles to the centre's initiatives, which, had it been a fake institute, would not have received any media attention.




In summary, it can thus be stated that a so-called "ReceptioGate", as Mr. Kidd claims, simply does not exist. It is a pure fantasy of people who, without knowing the facts, want to create a scandal around RECEPTIO and Prof. Rossi  repeating their false allegations over and over again in the social media, although they lack any basis.


The centre can't be blamed for using stock photos on the homepage, which unfortunately were never replaced by correct photos. The same applies to the fact that the Foundation - which was created on the advice of a lawyer - failed due to the pandemic. We will not even go into the details of the abstruse allegations that certain persons do not exist. It should only be mentioned that Prof. Antoni Rossell is indeed still alive, as is also proven by a Youtube video that he published in defence of Prof. Rossi. Andrea Murchio actually died on 23 December 2022 at the age of only 49. It is understandable that after the loss of a friend and the viral mudslinging around "ReceptioGate" we do not immediately think of removing his name from our website.

The Ekphrasis project is actually exclusively of the University of Zurich. Receptio, as a cultural association, is not entitled to receive research funds from the SNSF. One only has to consult the SNSF database to realise this, and those who claim otherwise are in bad faith 

If anyone should find any irregularities in the management of those funds by the University of Zurich, they should contact the University itself or the Swiss National Science Foundation

 Accusations by Peter Kidd in his various blogs and tweets / "The Book of Hours of Louis de Roucy" and other publications


2.1 Summary of the allegations


The "ReceptioGate" was triggered by various blog posts by Kidd, who alleged various "misconduct" in connection with our colleague's publication "The Book of Hours of Louis de Roucy" (hereinafter "publication"). In the following, we will refrain from going into the allegations that relate to the "ReceptioGate" described under point 2.


a) According to the blog of 24 December 2022 "Nobody cares about your blog!"

  Our colleague did not mention in her publication that Kidd had already listed nearly all the miniatures (except 3).

 - A passage on page 21 of the publication was the same as a passage from a blog by Kidd.

 - A description of a miniature on page 250 of the publication was the same as one from one of Kidd's blogs.

 - A picture of St. Mark had been "copied/stolen" from Kidd's blog in the publication and the collector who had provided the picture to Kidd had not given permission to a third party to use it.

 - Various criticisms of the content of the publication, without specific allegations of plagiarism.


b) According to the blog of 27 December 2022 "The RECEPTIO-Rossi Affair, Part III: My "Vendetta""

 The publication was a "shoddy piece of work".


c) According to the blog of 27 December 2022 "The RECEPTIO-Rossi Affair, Part IV: My "Accusations"

 Our colleague would acknowledge that she had quoted from Sotheby 's.

 Our colleague had mentioned Kidd's blog in TCLA 6/1 Aug. 2022, page 25.

 Our colleague had told Kidd that she had received the picture of St. Mark in black and white from Hartung&Hartung and that it had been coloured afterwards, although Kidd questioned whether this was even possible. 


d) According to the blog of 27 December 2022 "The RECEPTIO-Rossi Affair, Part V: "Alleged Plagiarism"

Kidd holds that he never made an allegation of plagiarism.

Kidd questions whether the publication received a "proper scholary peer-review".

Kidd generally criticises the results in the publication without making any accusations of plagiarism.


e) According to the blog of 28 December 2022 "The RECEPTIO-Rossi Affair, Part VI: The Backstory

 Kidd had searched for his name in our colleague 's article and he had only been mentioned once, which had annoyed him, so that in December he decided to investigate the publications more closely and found the "misconduct".


f) According to the blog of 22 January 2023; The "De Roucy" Hours?

 Kidd criticises our colleague for referring to a background as golden and not silver as he does.


Based on Kidd's blog entries and tweets, only one thing can be concluded: Kidd has a schizophrenic and cowardly attitude. If he wanted to file a complaint for plagiarism, instead of mounting an infamous hate campaign on the web, he should file a regular complaint and the case would be handed over to the judiciary. This public change of direction by Kidd - who did indeed speak of plagiarism to our colleague ("I have never seen such a blatant example of plagiarism") - can only be explained by the fact that he realised that his untruthful statements could have legal consequences. Corresponding legal steps have been taken in the UK, Italy and Switzerland.


  •         Kidd's e-Mail  (22 December 2022)

Annex 21


Are we simply dealing with a wounded inflated ego, who cannot comprehend why our colleague has not quoted him in her publication? Since it is evident that the alleged ReceptioGate is an artfully constructed falsehood, is there anyone who profits from our centre being temporarily (22.12.22-end of February 23) blocked in its activities of reconstructing dismembered manuscripts and exposing manuscript trafficking? Some people in Zurich, claiming to be friends of Kidd, but also of our centre, have contacted us to get all the information they can about what we know about this trafficking. These are people personally involved in the market for medieval codices. Is this just a case?


If Kidd criticises the content of our colleague's publication, that is his right. However, it is too far-fetched to conclude on the basis of this that our colleague has committed scientific misconduct. We do not wish to comment on the quality of Kidd's work, as this is irrelevant. Kidd, on the other hand, is tempted to describe our colleague 's work as shoddy .


2.2. We want to analyse Kidd's allegations in detail


Alleged "plagiarism" on page 21 of the publication

Kidd claims that a passage from the publication bears similarities to one of his blog posts. The passage in question is the following:



 "The text of the first lesson of the Office of the Dead (fol. 105r), included in our BoH , is rare and, according to K. Ottosen [4], is only found in manuscript sources from Châlons-en-Champagne."


"[...] the first lesson of the Office of the Dead, "Milicia est vita hominis" (on the leaf with the miniature of Job) is extremely rare and, according to K. Ottosen, , 1993, p.74, is only found in sources from Châlons"


It is obvious that one cannot speak of plagiarism. If one describes the same thing, one inevitably uses the same words, especially if both refer to a third party (K. Ottosen). The true motivation of Kidd's actions, however, emerges from his blog itself and is self-explanatory:


"The book published by RECEPTIO, by Prof Carla Rossi, can be downloaded as a PDF from the bottom of the page here. Having a PDF makes it very easy to search the entire text for search terms as "Kidd", "blog" and "mssprovenance", none of which occur." (See Link No. 1)

Our colleague does something more than Kidd does: she verifies, by philologically collating the text on two other manuscripts use of Châlons that indeed the Book of Hours is for use of Châlons. This is original scientific research, not Kidd's cataloguing work

2.4 "Plagiarism" on page 250 of the publication


Kidd claims that his description of a miniature on page 250 of Rossi's publication is similar to the description in his blog.



 "The two other identifiable saints in the miniature are Catherine, to the left of Stephen, holding a fragment of her instrument of martyrdom, the wheel, and Lawrence, holding his grid-iron."



"The only two other saints who are identifiable are St Catherine, to the left, holding a fragment of a wheel, and St Lawrence, to the right, more obviously holding his grid-iron".

Now, we invite anyone to read the dealer's description of the miniature 


Now, continue reading on page 250 of the publication and see what explanations are given by Rossi regarding the presence of St Catherine and St Lawrence in the miniature and the fact that both saints are worshipped precisely in the Chalons area

Text extract from the publication, p. 250                                                      Annex 24


 2.5 Image of "St. Mark


Kidd claims in his blog that the image of St. Mark was copied from his blog and that the collector from whom he received the picture had not given permission to anyone else to use it. That it was impossible that the black and white picture our colleague had received had been coloured. Moreover, the black and white picture that was subsequently inserted in the publication was also taken from the Sotheby's catalogue.


  1. This is also to be contradicted: Our colleague received the picture of St. Mark from Hartung&Hartung in black and white and the graphic designer who works with us free of charge recoloured it (as he recoloured ALL the B/W images) through the software "Colorizer Pro 4". The subsequent colouring by the software had been done in order to be able to see the details better. The fact that we received the picture from Hartung&Hartung can be verified from the e-mail of 16 April 2022. The fact that the picture of St. Mark was processed by the grafic designer  is confirmed by him in his e-mail of 6 February 2023, whereby he also states that - at the request of our colleague after the allegations were made - he replaced it with the original black and white picture, as was originally intended. BO:     E-Mail von Hartung&Hartung vom 16. April 2022

Annex 26

 Annex 27

Annex 28


2.6 Publication page 21, references in footnote 3


  1. In his blog of 29 December 2022, Kidd claims that the references in a footnote to various auctions were copied by him.  This exemplifies how desperately Kidd searched for further "misconduct" or "plagiarism" on the part of our colleague , even comparing footnotes of the publication with his blog. It should also be mentioned that this footnote shows that our colleague - contrary to Kidd's assertion - did indeed cite Sotheby's as a source.

  2. Meanwhile, Prof. Rossi has been invited to give various conferences on her reconstructive method. During the one held at UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), she played a "game" with the students, demonstrating how, with her method, one doesn't accidentally end up on Kidd's blog, but rather retrieves all the miniatures of the de Roucy manuscript through specific websites that archive auctions. She also made it clear that her method exposes manuscript dismantlers. Please, follow the conference here.

Annex 30


In summary, it can thus be stated that the accusations made by Kidd against our colleague do not even begin to constitute plagiarism, let alone scientific misconduct. In particular, these alleged "misconduct" in no way justify the media mudslinging to which our colleague was subjected. Rather, the blog entries clearly show that here a blogger is trying to discredit a scientist, supported by a mass of uncritically thinking and indeed only copying haters who have made it their goal to destroy a person's reputation on the basis of an absolute "nothing". The fact that the media have uncritically followed, supported and encouraged this mob is extremely questionable.

Only after an effective check of the allegations did the following newspapers decide to delete their defamatory articles:

For a position statements of the scientific community, please, follow these links:


In the meantime, a pseudo-journalist (a Lecturer at the Leiden University) has fabricated evidence of other alleged plagiarism by Rossi, going so far as to claim that the watercolours (inside which are hidden verses of poems against totalitarian regimes) Lev Matvej Loewenthal made to decorate the walls of the centre are plagiarisms (the pseudo-journalist fabricated evidence of plagiarism without indicating the explicit sources that Rossi cites in her footnotes and bibliography). We have PDFs of a hundred pages rebutting every single accusation fabricated to defame the scholar [1].

The malicious intent to defame is evident. But the malice of the haters went even further, with the writing of two obituaries of Carla Rossi on a Zurich funeral parlour website, the unjustified payment, by a certain Sylvie Vullioud (a profile of the haters on Twitter), of 15 euros to the account of our Cultural Association (to verify who knows what. Payment promptly returned to the sender with a legal complaint for defamation), constant anonymous phone calls to the centre and to members' private numbers, repeated anonymous e-mails to various addresses of the research centre, journalists photographing (who knows for what purpose) the mailbox of our colleague 's family, continuous modifications with insulting and fake information taken from Twitter ( in Carla Rossi's Wikipedia entry (See archived versions: &, malicious reviews of the centre on Google search, attempts to hack into the centre's website and e-mail addresses, registration of non-existent people (with absurd e-mail addresses) at the centre's events, continuous attacks via on the centre's colleague by newly created, evidently fake profiles.

These people have a lot of time on their hands.  Through this webpage we hope to have clarified the matter and intend to state that our centre has nothing to be ashamed of, that our activities continue, as do those of Prof. Rossi, who has been invited to give lectures at various universities, has signed new publishing contracts with well-known international publishers who have enjoyed her reconstructions of dismembered manuscripts and is patiently awaiting the outcome of the investigations into both Kidd and each of the Twitter profiles of haters who used the receptiogate hashtag. It will take a long time, we are told, but we are in no hurry. At the end of the affair, we will delete our profile from Twitter, because we are convinced that it is much nicer to express ourselves in more than 150 characters in lectures and conferences.


[1] Rebuttals to each piece of bogus evidence of plagiarism fabricated by the pseudo-journalist from the University of Leiden can be obtained by accredited journalists, who personally contact our research centre by e-mail and provide:

- a copy of their press card,

- indication of the journal they are collaborating with

- and an abstract of the article they intend to publish




4. The fabrication of bogus evidence of other alleged plagiarism

Video  of the conference demonstrating that there is no plagiarism from Kidd's blog and that Peter Burger produced a series of bogus proofs, with contributions from members of the centre, students and journalists.

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